JupyterLab Tutorial

Adding Content

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Adding ContentΒΆ

As an example: Add a leaflet viewer plugin for geoJSON files.

  • Go to npm: search for leaflet (success!).
  • Go to jupyterlab top level source directory: npm install --save leaflet. This adds the file to the dependencies in package.json.
  • Install the tsd node package globally, in order to fetch typings files: npm install -g tsd.
  • Try to install the typings files from the top level source directory: tsd install leaflet. (success!)
  • If there are no typings, we must create our own. An example typings file that exports functions is ansi_up. An example with a class is xterm.
  • Add a reference to the new library in src/typings.d.ts.
  • Create a folder in src for the plugin.
  • Add index.ts and plugin.ts files.
  • If creating CSS, import them in src/default-themes/index.css.
  • The index.ts file should have the core logic for the plugin. In this case, it should create a widget and widget factory for rendering geojson files (see Documents).
  • The plugin.ts file should create the extension and add the content to the application. In this case registering the widget factory using the document registry.
  • Run npm run build from jupyterlab/jupyterlab
  • Run jupyter lab and verify changes.